About SisterSpun

Our passion for art, literature, language, and technology inspires all that we do

Founded in 2017, SisterSpun spins stories featuring fantastical fiction, wondrous words, and imaginative illustrations to cultivate a lifelong love of reading. Our passion for art, literature, language, and technology inspires all that we do. We combine our stories with products and digital media to enhance our young readers’ big brain experiences. Our stories impart a love of family, a commitment to our community, and our responsibility as global citizens. These are the core values of our organization.

Our landmark series, Santa’s Red Bathtub, is a spin on the traditional icons of the North Pole and a journey involving problem-solving, social responsibility, and cultural norms.

Cover_The Boy and the Tree

The Boy and the Tree

SisterSpun proudly presents, The Boy and the Tree, an endearing tale of a young boy’s experience as an immigrant in a new country. Written by Maria Ribbing Cornell, a Swedish-American immigrant, and illustrated by Nicholas Cornell, this is a vibrant story celebrating the ties to our past, nurturing new roots, and embracing the joys of the future ahead.

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Giving Back to the Community

SisterSpun is a company that is focused on giving back.

From local to global, we look for ways to contribute to our neighborhood and international readership. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us! And follow us as we launch our Bubbles for Change and New Roots campaigns. We will also announce special shopping days where a percentage of each purchase will be donated to a non-profit organization. Additionally, a percentage of all sales is donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), International Rescue Committee (IRC), and Organization for Autism Research (OAR).