Out and About With The Boy And The Tree

In the spring we had some wonderful opportunities to meet with artists and fellow countrywomen to talk about our book, The Boy and the Tree.

Being members of the Fairfax Art League, we were thrilled when we were asked to present the book at one of their art receptions. Many members were there, music was playing, and during our presentation we were delighted to share how the book came to be and some things about ourselves. After the presentation, many came up to us to talk about the book and we were able to sign copies. The most memorable moment was when one of the members came up to tell us how much the story resonated with her and her family, having themselves been through the experience of moving to a new country.

In April, the Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA) in DC was holding its annual “Ärtsoppa”, a dinner with a traditional Swedish meal of pea soup and pancakes. This meal is often served on Thursdays in Sweden, but with SWEA DC we make a party out of it once a year. Again, we had the pleasure to be able to present The Boy and the Tree. This time to a crowd of women who all have the experience of coming to a new country—some of them came to the US decades ago, and some have been here just a few years. It is so fascinating to hear all the different stories and experiences from these women.

Presenting The Boy and the Tree

Are you interested in having the author and illustrator come and present The Boy and the Tree? We love to speak to community groups and classrooms. What will be covered can be discussed, but mainly we will talk about the book and its message. The book is really about being there for someone else and the importance of finding a place where you belong – a community where you feel at home. This is important to all of us, whether we come from another country or if we have lived in the same community our whole life.) There is also an activity where we build a community tree together. Let us hear from you! You can contact Maria at [email protected]